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1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar (New w/assay)

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1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars have become one of the go to choices for physical gold bullion stackers. These particular bars are guaranteed one troy ounce with a 99.99% gold purity also known as 24 karat, the highest purity for gold investing purposes.

All Perth Mint gold bars are delivered to you in new condition. Each bar has been inspected by Veldt Gold for authenticity before they are shipped to you. Your gold bars from the Perth Mint come in a sealed protective assay package.

On the reverse side of the gold bar is a serial number, which matches the assay card integrated within the Perth Mint protective case.

Australia is currently the second largest miner of gold in the world, accounting for 9% of annual global production. The Gold Corporation, popularly known as the Perth Mint is owned and operated by the Western Australian government and stands alongside the most respected gold bullion producers in the industry.

The power and prestige of the Perth Mint in the tangible precious metals realm is an important factor to consider when buying gold. The reason for this is, of course, the reputation and recognition that large mints carry worldwide. The Perth Mint is the eleventh largest exporter in Australia with 80% percent of its annual gold being dedicated to foreign investors, meaning their gold is recognized anywhere in the world. What’s more is that many of the gold collector coins that smaller foreign mints put out may have originally come from the Perth Mint, since a good portion of their gold sales are in the form of gold blanks without any stamp on them.

The gold bullion from the Perth Mint is known worldwide for its beauty, luster, and purity. In 1957 the Perth Mint produced the worlds purest gold at six nines or 999.999% pure gold. Today, they continue to dazzle the bullion world every year with their unique mintage including their gold kangaroo, silver kookaburra, and platinum platypus. When looking into how to buy gold, sticking with Perth Mint products is always a sound choice.

The Perth Mint bars are approved for your self-directed IRA.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this or other bullion products that we have for sale on our website. We would also be happy to answer any of your queries over the phone. Please also visit our information pages for more details on gold and silver investment basics, Bitcoin, and our policies.

This product is certified “Good Delivery” by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

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